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Project No. 2:


Universal Numbers © ®

Securing informational safety for human upon dealing with other persons, with products, services, legislations, decisions … etc. by solving the problem of identification and reducing the possibilities of misidentification, plagiarism, forgery, negligence or mistake, can be carried out via introducing Three Universal Numbers: 1st for Persons (Natural or Judicial), 2nd for Products or Services, 3rd for Legislations, Decisions, Contracts, Warrants, or Delegations.

Replacing names (or titles), which may be miswritten, misheard or mistranslated by Universal Numbers via maximally employing the Arabic Numbers radically solves this problem for ever.

As a result of misidentification or mistake billions of dollars are paid annually as compensations for damages. Typical examples of this misidentification problem are observed in the Pharmacy and Ecommerce fields.

Our Team reduced and merged all frequently used numbers into the minimal. Furthermore, the proposed system for accessing those numbers considers the possibility of dispensing the need to hold any physical cards or documents.


Universal Personal Number UPN: ####□□□□□□□□□□□□.$$$$, Natural Persons: 0001123456789012.abcd, Judicial: 0002023456789012.unv3. Attached E-Profiles Secured via Client’s Permission Codes: Summary (Declared Exceptionally); General; Legal (preferably E-Gov linked); Educational-Experience-Training (EETP); Medical; Personal Performance; Personal Biography; Business (Financial); Emergency; Overall Profiles. Free for Natural Persons’ non-unique UPNs. The annual UPN nominal rent, $ 20 USD, will not be applied practically to natural persons for usual UPNs, it will be applied to all judicial persons, whereas minimum annual rent for special UPNs $ 50 USD, for superior $ 200 USD, and for unique UPNs $ 1000 USD, auctions and lobbying gifts may be applied.

Universal Product (Service) Number, Annual Rent $5, Form: □□□□□□□□□□□□□□□.$$$: Attached E-Profiles: Summary; General (Detailed) Profiles.

Universal (Public) Legislation (Private Contract) Number ULN , Annual Rent $5, Form: #######YEAR□□□□□□□.$$,: 000101120001234567.ab. Attached E-Profiles: Legislation Summary; Detailed Legislation (Contract).


The needed time to activate this system is less than one year.

The country population and visitors would benefit from this system, even satisfy their wishes or dreams.

The Universal Numbers deal with fundamental human needs, i.e. informational security and in turn physical, social and psychological safety.

Competitors’ projects efficiency and feasibility can be radically improved due to application of the presented coding system, thus they are no longer should be called competitors, rather Allies.


The Universal Numbers:

The Universal Numbers Arab:


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Personal: Arafa Radwan is a Lecturer in Ain Shams University, Faculty of Engineering, Mechanical Design and Production Department (which includes the specialty of Industrial Engineering and Management), Cairo, Egypt. Currently he is in academic vacation till 2011 for Ph.D. Study in the Department of Labor and Environment Protection, in the National Technical University in Kharkov, Ukraine Titled "IMPROVEMENT OF THE INDUSTRIAL SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (ISMS) FOR THE EGYPTIAN ROLLING INDUSTRY".

He studied the first level of the faculty of law, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt.
Upon his request while study in Ukraine, he studied and taught extra subjects in the department.
He has an outstanding management, teaching and team leading experience, literature and journalistic skills with excellent legal and financial background.
He is the Founder and Chairman of the board of directors of the "Researchers Union in Egypt" (NGO, April 2000).
He is a member in the Egyptian General Syndicates of Engineers, Journalism and Teachers. Also he is an active member in the Societies "Researchers Union in Egypt", "Egyptian Engineering Society", "Campaign for the Right of Organization", "Ukrainian Society for Ecology and Safety" and the Founder and 1st Editor-in-Chief of the "University Magazine", Cairo, Egypt.

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Personal Website:



Project No. 1:

Alliance with the Sun ©


Adaptation to the hot dry climate is clearly a vital issue governing nearly all the human activities in the targeted zones, causing rarity of freshwater for drinking or irrigation purposes. According to strategic analysts, the near future wars will be fights for energy and water resources.

This vision is the radical solution to the global warming and desertification problems, its application is very urgent for many countries and for the international peace and security, i.e. it is a matter of life or death.

Weather and Climate Control (WCC), and Water Cycle Management (WCM) in hot dry climate areas or cities may be fulfilled via using current or specifically developed technologies to develop, manufacture and install huge thermal insulating screens against Sun Radiation in space at the geostationary altitude or on other specific locations.

This vision introduces a new technique to be used to control the weather, climate and to manage the water cycle by raining from air or clouds which do not exist in the desired place where rain is needed, in further it can export Sun Radiation (ESR), or work as a Space-Based Solar Power (SBSP) Satellite. Right now, there is no other technique that can do so.

The major effect of this method or technique is the dramatic introduction of an integrated system for wind driving and rain control, which in turn may compensate the increase of the emitted thermal energies due to recent intensive human activities causing the Global Warming by reducing a corresponding amount of the entering Sun Thermal Radiation Energy; it may also change the deserts, into cultivated lands or at least resist desertification; change dramatically the cropping mix of those targeted areas. Furthermore, it can export Sun Radiation, or work as a Space-Based Solar Power (SBSP) Satellite.

This technique has a fail-safe property, long lifetime, flexibility and instantaneousness control, low running cost, high economic feasibility … etc. It needs high initial researches, investments, multi-national collaboration.

The needed time to establish this screen over a medium size city, e.g. Doha, Qatar, where will be hosted FIFA Cup 2022, is expected to elapse about 8 years. The required material resources: support system, screening material, transparency control system and position control system. Fortunately, all the major space powers can make this screen; furthermore, many countries can partially contribute to several phases of developing, manufacturing and installing it.Experts assure that for a screen to cover the city of Doha (132 sq. km) the cost of the space system is roughly 2.5 Billion USD. Qatar has committed 36 Billion USD on the infrastructure among 100 for the event.

This Project needs a state support; it should be a national interest, so the Development Team suggests mobilizingpeoples’ momentum and media support for the Project. If only consider that the economic saving is solely due to saving 75% of Air Conditioning Energy Consumption, then the initial costs will be restored in the second year after operation, whereas its expected life time is not less than 10 years.

This is a new wide application of already known applied scientific knowledge and proofed technologies, thus: “Ifsimultaneously apply the theory of geostationary (the satellites’) altitude with the theory of screening of the Sun Thermal Radiation to a certain area on the earth’s surface then: the local thermal Radiation, temperatures and atmospheric pressure will decrease, the winds will be flown there, the local relative humidity will increase, the possibility of rain fall will increase, the vaporization rate will decrease … etc., all those phenomena are scientifically logical, practically possible, ecologically safe and economically feasible, in further this screen can Export Sun Radiation (ESR), or work as a Space-Based Solar Power (SBSP) Satellite”.

Details at



Alliance with the Sun:

Alliance with the Sun Arab:


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Film Text in English:

Film Contents by Time:

00:00 – Legal Notification

01:00 – Introduction

05:40 – Global Situation Review

09:40 – The Proposed Screen

18:40 – Screen over Doha – Qatar

22:15 – Screen over Lake Nasser – Egypt & Sudan

27:35 – Reflecting Mirror

33:23 – Rain Generator

35:55 – Project Analysis

38:55 – Energy Balance of the Planet

47:25 – Scientific Analysis

54:05 – Possible Contributors

56:40 – Re-Engineering Human Right

58:40 – End Notifications


وصف: تحالف مع الشمس ©:

من المعلوم أن التكيف مع المناخ الحار الجاف يمثل مسألة هامة وملحة اذ يحكم كافة الأنشطة البشرية بكل مكان وزمان، فمن آثاره ندرة المياه العذبة. بحسب محللين استراتيجيين، ستكون الحروب القادمة صراعا علي موارد الطاقة والمياه .

تقدم هذه الرؤية حلا جذريا لمعضلتي التدفؤ العام والتصحر، لذا فتطبيقها يعد أمرا ملحا للكثير من البلدان، ولأجل السلم والأمن الدوليين، بل قد تعد مسألة حياة أو موت .

تتيح هذه الرؤية التحكم بالطقس والمناخ، وإدارة الدورة البيئية للمياه عبر تطبيق التقنيات المتاحة حاليا لتطوير وتصنيع وتركيب أحجبة فضائية للعزل الحراري ضد الإشعاعات الشمسية وبذلك، يمكن تكثيف الأمطار من جو أو سحب، لا تتواجد بالأماكن المطلوب اسقاطها بها، أي تقدم منظومة متكاملة لرعي الريح والتحكم بالامطار، بذلك تتحول الصحارى الي أراض منزرعة، كما قد تتحسن تركيبة محاصيل تلك المناطق .

تتميز هذه التقنية بكونها آمنة ضد الأعطال، طول عمرها، مرونتها والتحكم الآني بها مع قلة تكلفة التشغيل، والجدوى الاقتصادية العالية ... الخ. بيد انها تتطلب أبحاثا واستثماراتا ابتدائية وتعاونا دوليا متعدد الجنسيات .

بعكس المشروع الأميركي لجني طاقة أشعة الشمس من الفضاء، بهدف تصديرها للأرض عن طريق أشعة الليزر أو الأشعة ذات الموجات الدقيقة، الذي طرح ومول منذ سبعينيات القرن الماضي، وعرف باسم Space-based solar power (SBSP) كما واجه صعوبات جمة، أهمها ثقل وزن الخلايا الشمسية مما ينتج معضلات بالنقل والنفقات، في ذات الآن، لم تنضج بعد التقنيات اللاسلكية لنقل الطاقة المحصودة من الفضاء!

هكذا، سيمكن التحكم بالطقس والمناخ (WCC)، وإدارة الدورة البيئية للمياه (WCM)، وضمن ذلك نظام متكامل لرعي الريح والتحكم بالامطار!

لهذا الطور، يقترح المشروع استخدام رغوة خاصة لتعبئة خلايا شبكة، مرتكزة على إطارات متعددة لتغطية المساحات المطلوبة. عندئذ، لا يمكن مقارنة جدوى المشروع المقترح بمشروع (SBSP) كما تحل جذريا معضلتي التدفؤ العام والتصحر.

ان اضافة مرايا عاكسة علي أحد جانبي الأحجبة يمكن من تصدير طاقة الإشعة الشمسية، في صورتها الخام، بما يضاعف جدوى المشروع. هكذا يمكن تجنب آثار التدفؤ العام والتصحر بطريقة سلبية لاتتضمن بذل طاقة خارجية. بل قد يكون مشروع (SBSP) مرحلة نهائية لتطوير الرؤية المقترحة.

نشكر لكم المساعدة والدعم،

مع أطيب التحيات،

عرفة رضوان


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Spanish: Need Your Help!!!


Time - Contents:
00:00 – Legal Notification
01:00 – Introduction
05:40 – The Proposed Screen
06:25 – Screen over Doha – Qatar
10:00 – Screen over Lake Nasser – Egypt & Sudan
13:55 – Reflecting Mirror
16:30 – Rain Generator
17:35 – Energy Balance of the Planet
18:15 – Scientific Analysis
19:50 – End



Project No. 3:

The General Union

A Group of the academic researchers and professors, who are simultaneously social activists, all over the world were united to fill the structural gaps in the body of the international nongovernmental organizations NGOs.

It was believed initially that, this idea started independently at a meeting on dinner in Montreal (Canada) at the beginning of 2010 among Professors Sally Christine, Karen Espinosa, and Samy Jimson. They all recognized the importance and urgency of filling those structural gaps in the body of the international nongovernmental organizations. They put an initial declaration and send it to their colleagues and friends all over the world. Massive responses were received, but unfortunately most of them were not serious just supporting the idea and offering to join after formation of the proposed unions.

However, some very serious replies were received; they clarified some related facts of utmost importance.

A strategic vision was introduced by two other Founders namely, Professor Sologon Notten, and Lecturer Sunwoong Choi. An integrated development plan was presented by Researcher Chisako Hanabusa. Another Economic Vision was developed by Professor Adam Liebeherr.

A very interesting fact was discovered by Lecturer Sunwoong Choi about the origin of this idea. He discovered that, an earlier regional trial about this idea was started in Cairo, Egypt by the Lecturer Arafa Radwan at 2000, i.e. ten years earlier, when he founded the Researchers Union in Egypt and called for foundation of analogous unions in other countries, especially Arabian and African Countries, and eventually international unions of those national professional and non-professional unions.

The necessary task group of the founders was completed and the foundation conference was held in Montreal (Canada) in Friday 3rd December 2010, the founders or their representatives issued the initial declarations about their intention to establish those unions. The tasks were distributed and the plan of actions was decided. The targets and services for the unions were initially adopted, yet they are still subjected to additions or modifications.

Details at

The General Union: The Medical Professions Unions: The Educational Professions Unions:


Main Group: The Educational Professions Unions Coordinator: Sologon Notten

The International Pupils Union Coordinator: Chisako Hanabusa

The International Students Union Coordinator: Sunwoong Choi

The International Foreign Students Union Coordinator: Arafa Radwan

The International Artistic Trainers (and Experts) Union [Temporary (Trainers)] Coordinator:Samy Jimson

The International (Physical Culture) Trainers (and Experts) Union Coordinator: Samy Jimson

The International Teachers (and Educational Assistants) Union Coordinator: Sally Christine

The International Lecturers (University Teachers and Assistants) Union Coordinator: Arafa Radwan

The International Professors (and Docents) Union Coordinator: Sologon Notten

The International Educational Technicians (and Workers) Union [Temporary (Technicians)]Coordinator: Arafa Radwan

The International Training Centers Employees (and Workers) Union [Temporary (Employees)] Coordinator:Adam Liebeherr

The International Educational Employees (and Workers) Union [Temporary (Employees)]Coordinator: Adam Liebeherr



Main Group: The Medical Professions Unions Coordinator: Samy Jimson

The International Doctors Union Coordinator: Samy Jimson

The International Nurses Union Coordinator: Arafa Radwan

The International Dentists Union Coordinator: Chisako Hanabusa

The International Pharmacists Union Coordinator: Arafa Radwan

The International Veterinary Doctors Union Coordinator: Samy Jimson

The International Medical Technicians (and Workers) Union [Temporary (Technicians)] Coordinator: Arafa Radwan

The International Medical Employees (and Workers) Union [Temporary (Employees)] Coordinator: Adam Liebeherr


Non- Professions Unions:

The International Researchers Union Coordinator: Arafa Radwan

The International Polyglots Union Coordinator: Sally Christine

The International Writers (and Critics) Union Coordinator: Karen Espinosa